Top Tips to Take Terrific Photos

You see the advertisements on billboards around the world; photos taken using only the camera included with a cellphone.

Of course, you think, these were taken by professionals who took their time to get everything right. And while many of them did, many more didn’t, choosing to instead just use a few simple tips.

If you would love to up your photo game and don’t want to buy a dedicated camera for the task, below are some tips which can help.

Crop – Don’t Zoom

It can seem counterintuitive not to zoom in on a subject far away when trying to snap that perfect shot. And while this works great when using an actual camera utilizing optical zoom (zoom achieved using mirrors and lenses), the camera in your smartphone uses only digital zoom. This is exactly as it sounds – digital. Meaning that your camera is largely taking a guess at what the subject looks like.

Instead, rely on your phone’s high megapixel count to do part of the job for you. By taking a larger photo, your phone can capture native pixels, giving you the ability to crop and expand. While this isn’t a replacement for optical zoom, it’s a better choice to make when snapping your picture.

Wait for the Right Light

Before you say anything, this tip doesn’t come in the form of sitting on an uncomfortable rock for 30 minutes waiting for the perfect amount it lighting. Instead, the tip is to wait for a little. If you can see that the picture will come out dark and you look up to see that the clouds are moving, wait 5 seconds before snapping the pic again.

Even the slightest increase in the amount of light your camera lens can take in will significantly improve the quality of the photo you take.

Consider Colors

If the subjects in your profile have taken advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for Under Armor and are wearing camouflage print material, look at moving them slightly to improve their visibility. Similarly, if your subject is wearing a bright color, look at ways you can utilize the background to complement their clothing rather than make it stand out.

While there will be situations that are a struggle to work with, take your time to get the photo right.

Use Grid Lines

This final tip is potentially the most helpful, so listen up! There will be an option for you to turn on a set of grid lines in your camera’s viewfinder. While you might think these are annoying, they can be incredibly helpful when lining up your shot.

With these turns on, line up your subject’s eyes with the top line. If you taking a picture of scenery, use the rule of three’s, where the two-thirds of your photo sits below this top line.

When it comes to taking better photos, these are four great tips which can definitely help you up your game, and not just when it comes to selfies!